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St Andrews Medical Practice

50 Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone, London, N20 9EX

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Our Clinics & Services


In addition to routine appointments in the surgery, we also offer specialised services.



Key Performance Indicators

The Practice provides services above and beyond the essential services required by NHS England.  Please click here for further information.


Blood Pressure

Monitoring your own blood pressure is helpful. We have a health pod on the ground floor waiting room and a self-check Blood Pressure machine in the 1st floor waiting room, which are free to use. The clinicians may ask you to use these to monitor your blood pressure and to give the readings into the reception or bring to your appointment.

You can help maintain a normal blood pressure by simple lifestyle measures; exercising 30 minutes per day, maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, limiting your alcohol intake and reducing the salt in your diet. The following web links have some very useful tips and videos for you to watch.






Urgent/Acute Problems


If you have an urgent/acute problem that needs to be dealt with on the day then please call the surgery as early as possible and the reception team will add you to the telephone triage list.  The On-Call clinician will review your symptoms and may invite you in for a face to face appointment, offer you treatment advice over the telephone or signpost you to other health service providers.


Remember antibiotics are not always the answer. See the link below for further information.



Asthma Clinic


The nursing team run asthma clinics each week not only for your annual review but also if you are experiencing any symptoms such as cough, tight chest, wheeze or breathlessness. During the asthma appointment you will discuss your symptoms, check your inhaler technique and be given a self-management plan to provide you with essential information about what to do in an emergency. Don’t leave it too late before you know what to do.

Please down load the asthma action plan and bring to your appointment to be completed together with the nurse.



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


The nursing team also run sessions for those patients with COPD. During the appointment your inhaler technique will be checked, you will be given a self management plan so you know what to do if your condition worsens and you may be asked to do some lung function tests (Spirometry). If you are having lung function tests be prepared to have a long appointment as this can take some time. Please read the leaflet about preparing for Spirometry testing.


The SINGLE most useful thing you can do to help yourself if you have been diagnosed with COPD is to STOP SMOKING. Please see the following section if you need support to Stop Smoking.


Smoking Cessation


Our nurses run Smoking Cessation clinics and will give you advice on medications and nicotine replacement therapy.  Please act today and book an appointment either at the surgery or with the local pharmacists for free help. Another useful link can be found below:





Diabetic Clinic


It is estimated more than 1:16 people have diabetes in the UK (diagnosed or undiagnosed).

The nursing team run the diabetes clinic with the support of the GP Diabetic Lead Dr Nick Mistry. You will have your annual review but may also be asked to review more frequently when your medications are being altered or if you blood sugars are not in the desired range.


Diabetes is a long-term condition, which you need to learn to manage yourself.  Our team is here to help direct and guide you, adjust medications, and do essential health checks on an annual basis but it is up to you to ensure you take control. Click here for more information.


Blood pressure: the lower the better if you have diabetes. Please bring this sheet with you to your appointment.


Cholesterol: the lower the better if you have diabtetes. Please bring this sheet with you to your appointment.


Smoking: stopping is essential to reduce your risks of complications. Please see further information here.


BMI: maintaining a healthy weight by diet and exercise is key. Please see further information here.


Foot check: Your feet will be checked annually but you need to ensure you check your feet regularly and if you notice any cuts if possible infection to come in as soon as possible. Please see further information here.


Blood sugar: please bring the following sheet with you to your appointment. You will have time to discuss your HBA1c and what this means and how you can adjust your diet and lifestyle to improve this if necessary. Please see further information here.


Eye check: You will be seen annually at a local clinic to have your eyes screened. Please let us know if you feel your eye sight has deteriorated.


Kidney Function: This will be checked 6 monthly or annually with both blood tests and urine tests depending upon your previous levels. Please see further information here.



Family Planning and Sexual Health

Sexual health: when you are considering testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) we would always recommend a full STI screen which includes swabs/urine and blood tests. You can book an appointment to see Jacqui or Kate for this.  However, if you prefer not to have a full screen you can do a self- swab or a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. You do not need an appointment just pick up a swab or urine pot from the reception area and return to reception stating clearly on the form your name and contact details. You will need to phone a week later for the results.


If you provide a urine sample, please ensure you hold your urine for at least 2 hours before providing the sample. Further information can be found here


Emergency Contraception: You can make an appointment here at the surgery for emergency contraception but there are also other places you can get this if you are unable to get an appointment on the day. Further information can be found here.



Both Doctors and Nurses are able to see you for any contraception advice so please make a routine appointment. If you are unable to get an appointment for contraception please see here for a list of local family planning clinics.


Travel Clinic (including Yellow Fever for non registered patients)


These run frequently during the week (including alternate saturday appointments). There are plenty of private travel clinics locally if you are unable to book an appointment at the surgery.

You are required to bring in a completed risk assessment form prior to the appointment.


Please see here for a copy of our travel leaflet including prices for some vaccines which are not available on the NHS.


There is further information available for travellers - please see here.







Pregnancy Care


Congratulations if you are pregnant. Did you know you can self refer to the hospital? Please download the form here.



Child Immunisations


The nursing team run immunisation clinics. If your child is unwell with a fever please delay this appointment. Details of the current schedules of vaccines can be found here.  There is more information about child immunisations on the NHS Choices website which can be found here.



Side effects

Please click here to see a list of common side effects of any vaccine.

For information about any side effects see the following:


Meningitis B vaccination

We are unable to give this vaccine privately outside the routine schedule but you can find further information here.



Other Vaccinations

Shingles Vaccination

From September 1 2015 the shingles vaccine is routinely available to people aged 70 and 78. You become eligible for the vaccine on the first day of September 2015 after you've turned 70 or 78 and remain so until the last day of August 2016. In addition, anyone who was eligible for immunisation in the first two years of the programme but has not yet been vaccinated against shingles remains eligible until their 80th birthday. This includes: people aged 71 and 72 on 1 September 2015 people aged 79.  Find out more information here.


Pneumonia Vaccination

The pneumococcal vaccine protects against serious and potentially fatal pneumococcal infections. Please click here for more information.


Flu vaccination

Each year all patients over 65 and those in a risk group of conditions are offered a flu vaccine. We run two walk in sessions each year (look out for dates during September and October) During these sessions we will also offer those of you who are eligible to have pneumonia and shingles vaccinations. There will also be some bookable appointments with the nurses and Health Care Support Worker if you have missed these sessions. For those who cannot attend these appointments you can get your flu vaccine at the local pharmacists’.  If you have had your flu vaccine elsewhere please contact the surgery to let us know. Please click here for further information.



Health Visitor


The Health Visitor, Anne Flynn, and members of her team will offer advice and monitor the health of babies and young children.  Her clinics run here at the Surgery on Thursday mornings.





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