Your responsibilities to us

Help us to help you:

Please remember, you are responsible for your own health and the health of your children. We will give you our professional help and advice.

For those able, we request that you obtain online access via the NHS app, so that you can keep a track of your health, view results, request prescriptions and book appointments.

Prescriptions are sent via the electronic prescription service, requests must be made online via the NHS app, by email or via the pharmacy. We do not accept prescription requests over the phone. Please only request medication that you require to help reduce wastage.

Please treat all staff with courtesy and respect. Abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in removal from our list.

Please let us know if you change your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address.

Please keep your appointments. Tell us as soon as possible if you cannot; give 24 hours' notice if possible.

Please keep hospital outpatient appointments–or, if you cannot, inform the hospital – NOT the surgery – as soon as possible. The NHS cannot afford to have appointments unused. It is also essential to tell the hospital of your new address and other contact details if you are on a waiting list for an operation.

Please ask for home visits by the doctor only if you are housebound.

Please keep your telephone call brief and avoid calling during peak morning hours for non-urgent matters.

Test results take time to reach us. It is your responsibility to ensure you obtain your results either by viewing them online, or by phone. The practice will contact you if urgent action is required

In order for us to adequately and safely address your problems, for routine appointments please only bring a maximum of 2 problems. For urgent appointments only 1 problem can be dealt with.